music created by steel tipped dove using:
• other peoples music
• “stems” app by sunflower software
• Reason Studios 11
• Logic Pro X

website created by Joseph Fusaro:
• HTML and CSS
• github
• netlify
• Atom & VS Code software

artwork created by:
• Joseph Fusaro

record label
• U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art

Cassette Duplication

I used the stems app to separate out individual musical elements of songs I picked out from my digital music collection. the app will separate out bass, drums, acapella, piano, and another track labeled “other” — theoretically, these instrumental parts should sound isolated – but this is very difficult to achieve. I’ve heard other apps do it better – but I really like the weird messed up results that came while doing this. Everything...sounded… under-water-ish? Or as my friend Bobby put it: "a song I once heard, somewhere, some time ago"

I then used Reason Studios to play with looping those elements, manipulating them even more, slowing them down and speeding them up, adding additional sounds. Eventually, I'd created approx. 50 different instrumental pieces. Next, I used Logic Pro X to arrange and blend together 80 minutes of random soundscapes ranging from indoor spaces to outdoor spaces.

I then sorted through all my instrumentals created in Reason Studios and started blending them together underneath the soundscapes.

Eventually breaking them down into 4 individual 20-minute pieces of music & soundscape representing indoors during the day, outdoors during the day, indoors during the night, and finally outdoors during the night. During the time I spent making the music, I taught myself some very basic HTML and CSS programming so I could create a very basic website to stream the music from and a portal, so people could purchase/download it. From there my friend Joel Hooks walked me through getting the code I wrote onto github and netlify, so I could publish the site. This was fun. Hope you like it. Check the links below to start at the top of the site again or buy the album.




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